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Compact hybrid Toyota Aqua unveiled

The 1496cc Atkinson engine uses cooled exhaust-gas recirculation and a battery-powered water pump to reduce friction and belt losses. The electric motor, control unit and transmission form one unit, mounted low down in the engine bay, while the heavy nickel-metal hydride battery is under the rear seat to help keep the centre of gravity as low as possible and still allow for a 305-litre boot.

The Aqua has a selectable battery-only mode but Toyota doesn't quote its range, or the capacity of the battery, so it's unlikely to be more than a couple of kilometres.

Using both power sources, the Aqua will hit 100km/h in 10.7 seconds from standstill and, more importantly in the real world, accelerate from 40-70km/h in 3.6 seconds.

ABS with electronic brakeforce distribution and brake assist, and an electronic stability programme with traction control and hill hold, are standard, as is auto aircon, with an electric compressor, so the system can run even with the car switched off.

The strikingly geometric dashboard layout has colour-coded switchgear with a liquid-crystal display providing a variety of eco-driving information, such as Eco Judge (which ranks your driving on a 100-point scale) and Eco Wallet, which shows money saved as compared with other levels of fuel efficiency.

The Aqua is also available with TRD and Modellista packages; the TRD set-up includes a new front bumper with lower apron and LED running lights, side skirts, new rear bumper with diffuser, special rims, firmer damping and a special stainless-steel exhaust system with dual tailpipes.
Toyota has launched a new hybrid car in Japan that is aimed at the Honda Fit. The hybrid is called the Toyota Aqua in Japan and when it makes its way to the US the hybrid will be called the Prius C. The car will hit the US as a 2013 model. Toyota is claiming some really big fuel economy figures for the car at 83mpg. That is on par with some EVs that are out there.

The car is also inexpensive with a price in Japan working out to $21,793 in the US. In Japan, the car racked up 83mpg on the JC08 test cycle and 94mpg on the official 10-15 test cycle. The car has a small 1.5L 4-cylinder engine under the hood with 72hp. The car uses an electric motor rated at 45kw giving the vehicle a combined power output of 98hp.

The small car will accelerate from 0-60 in 10.7 seconds. The battery inside the car is a nickel metal hydride pack. Toyota hopes to sell 12,000 Aquas monthly at home. The car will come in three versions dubbed the L, S, and G. The high-end version will sell for $23,756. There will be a TRD sporty version of the Aqua too with a body kit, lowered suspension, larger wheels and more.

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Amanda seyfried on - stage - magazinecovers - street style.

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Maxi skirts fashion – Will Maxi skirts strikes in 2012?

Fashion produces attractive things which always become ugly with time. And after a while the same thing will be attracted”. Maxi skirts are of that kind. They are very popular in end of 80’s and faded lately. But now it’s coming live again.

Maxi skirts are trendy even today, because of the head-to-toe elegance they can provide. These are the perfect choice for Fall/Autumn. And recently many celebrities were spotted in maxi skirts.

They are really comfortable to wear around. When anyone decides to wear these skirts, the question is whether to use boot or sandal. It depends on how the skirt looks like. If it's got a lot of volume, you can wear it with boots since its almost autumn, or with something kind of chunky. And if you have wide hip, So that wear a long skirt with a lot of volume, then you need to wear more substantial shoes. Otherwise, your lower half just looks ridiculous. But if somebody doesn't have those problems, other options may work better for them.

And height might not be the fact for not to wearing maxi skirts, I have hearted it from few,

“I’m really starting to like maxi skirts, but I’m afraid they will make me look too shorter.”  It is not hard to pull off. Just adjust it with high boot. And you will feel better with these skirts. And please don’t cut at its bottom since it takes off the skirts complete elegance.

And let’s see whether maxi skirts make a good comeback in 2012. Thank you.


Hairstyles with Braids – Classic Beauty or Sports Star

Whether you want to have a lazy day beside the pool, show the office what you are made of or attend your best friend’s wedding, hairstyles with braids may be the perfect look for you. Forget the two straight lines from your playground days; braids have become the hassle free, classical look turning heads from the red carpet to the sports field. With a little experimentation there is a hairstyle with braids for you.

For a relaxed, comfortable look with a difference, hairstyles with braids can be achieved quickly by adding a few small braids into the front of your everyday hairstyle. Start with an off centre zigzag part; on the broadest side separate two or three small sections of hair, approximately the width of one finger. Braid each of these sections then loosely tuck them under your hair towards the back and secure with a few hidden bobby pins.

For a more elegant hairstyle with braids an adaption of the classic French braid can create a sophisticated style for any formal occasions. Create a small ponytail at the point you wish the braid to start. Begin braiding left to right adding a small amount of hair each time. Pull the braid towards the back of the head and secure temporarily with a bobby pin. Begin another braid either on the opposite side for a symmetrical look or lower down on the same side for a more modern hairstyle. Gather the remaining hair into a bun; make sure you hide the ends of the braids beneath. Secure the braids and bun with bobby pins. Now you have a classical hairstyle with braids that complements any evening dress.

For those of you looking for a comfortable way to keep you hair off your face during a sporting match or at the gym there is another hairstyle with braids you can try. Part your hair down the middle using either a straight or zigzag part. Quickly braid each section towards the back and secure the ends into a pony tail. This style easily allows you to wear a hat while securing those small tendrils of hair which escape a regular ponytail during physical exercise. Not only will you feel great playing sport, you will look great too!

Therefore no matter what your activity, a hairstyle with braids will give you the versatility you need to create an individual style. Experiment with your hair type; shorter hair will complement up-styles while longer hair can be curled into classical styles which complement any occasion.


Ponytail Hairstyles – Not Just a Bad Hair Day

We are all guilty of it, whether it is a bad hair day or we ran out of time trying to get the kids ready in the morning. We grab a hair tie and are done; a boring, but easy ponytail hairstyle. With a minute or two of extra effort you can convert your basic ponytail hairstyle into a beautiful and elegant look you can feel good about all day long.

For anyone lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, a ponytail hairstyle which looks fantastic is easily achieved. After combing off your face, pull your hair to one side, secure low with a hair tie. Add a few pins to the other side to help the hair stay in place and you are done. For the rest of us we may need the aid of a curling wand and hairspray to help us achieve this beautifully flowing hairstyle. Curl your hair loosely, secure to the side as discussed above and cover in a light mist of hairspray to hold the look in place. This style is casual enough to wear every day and adds a little bit of elegance to your look.

For straight hair a sophisticated ponytail hairstyle to try is the sleek look. Dry your hair completely smooth, you may need to use a flat iron to help with the process. Comb your hair backwards and secure high on your crown with a hair tie. Spray liberally with hairspray to control any flyaway hairs you may have. For an added element of sleekness, separate a small section of hair from underneath your pony tail and wrap around the hair tie a few times. Secure the end underneath with a hidden bobby pin. This look is beautiful for a night out and will compliment any little black dress.

For a ponytail hairstyle with more body, a little bit of teasing is in order. Run your fingers up from your ears on both sides; hold this section of hair in one hand and with the other tease from the roots up. Apply hairspray to the teased section to hold the body. Let go of the hair and use a comb to gently pull your hair back into a high ponytail. This ponytail hairstyles adds a twist to your everyday look.

No matter what the occasion, or how much time you have, it is no longer necessary to resort to the same look every day. Your ponytail hairstyle can be altered quickly and easily to give you a versatile style which compliments your day and night life.


Updos – Elegant Hair for Formal Occasions

So the invitation has arrived, it may be the social event of the decade, or a fancy night out with your partner, not only will you need the perfect dress but you will need the perfect hairstyle. For a truly elegant look an updo is just what you are looking for. Updos are the perfect accompaniment for any evening dress and can be created from chin length to long hair.

One of the traditional updos which has been the mainstay of women for decades is the classic look. Using freshly washed hair which has been tightly curled begin at the crown and begin lightly teasing your hair near the roots. Work towards the front of your hair, creating body as you go. Take a small section giving a light twist which is then secured with a bobby pin allowing a short curl at the end. Apply this action to the remaining hair. Small flowers or beads can be added throughout to decorate the style.


How to Nourish Hair

Nice Abigail Breslin Ponytail Hairstyle

Who wants to have healthy hair that does not fall out every day let alone, could be your head becomes bald. So you should treat your hair with extra caution, the following we will give some nourish Hair Loss Tips. For those who want to create a dense and want to accelerate the growth of your hair, you can try. Here are tips from us:

Nice Mariana Klaveno Long Wavy Black Hair Style

Nice Tori Praver Blonde Hair Style in 2012

Mariana Klaveno Updos Bun Haircuts 2012

New Candice Swanepoel Long Wavy Hair Style in 2012

Potion First,

Cut an aloe vera leaf stalk and capture its contents are gelatinous. Then apply on the scalp and let sit overnight. To not hit the pillow while sleeping, you should head wrapped in cloth. The next morning, rinse and wash your hair with clean water. Do it a few days.


1986 Range Rover 3.5L V8 Restoration thread


Honey for Beauty Hair

Whitney Port Long Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Honey is a natural humectant, which means having the ability to attract and bind moisture. The ability of skin to retain moisture is an important factor to maintain softness, suppleness and elasticity. With many strengths and other properties that make honey vogue as a treatment for hair. Rather than bother with the traditional way using honey for hair care, now present a practical solution to obtain using the honey for hair care.

Scarlett Johansson Long Curly Blonde Hair Cuts

New Hilary Rhoda Retro Highlight Hairstyle

Lily Collins Long Straight Brown Hair Styles

Anna Kendrick Long Brown Curly Hairstyle


Shampoo for Hair

Jacinda Barrett Long Side Highlight Hairstyle

Jacinda Barrett is interviewed by Chuck the Movieguy for the movie The Last Kiss

Shampoos are generally used by mixing with water in order to dissolve the natural oils released by the body to protect the hair and clean the dirt. But not all the shampoo form of liquid or used with a mixture of water, there is also a floured dry shampoo that does not use water. Some industries that produce shampoo or hair care products generally also issued a conditioner with the aim to simplify the user rearranges hair shampoo.

Lily Cole Curly Brown Hair Styles

Lily Cole models M&S Limited Collection

Nice Iman Long Brown Curls Hair Styles

Jessica McNamee Long Curls Brown Haircuts

Jenn Brown Long Curls Highlight Hair Cuts